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Welcome to our website! Here you can learn all about art classes...  We are excited to share  with you, and hope you join.  
It's nice to have a class to go to each week,and make new friends. 
Marleen from the Morning Shallotte ClassCreating Art lasts a lifetime of pleasure... 
Tell your friends about our classes. If interest contact here.
Time now to Pre Register for Classes: To pre Register email to
I require Pre Registration for the following reason:
As I keep my prices low, I price per head count. It is best to sign up at the start of the Month so I can charge the lowest price for that group.
Once you sign up for the Month, you can sub  any of the other classes, and you may sub  THE ART PAINTING PARTIES FREE.(they are normally $35, but you will provide your own supplies.) See about Painting Parties in MENU >>>>>>>>>>>
My New low per 3 hour class prices:
7+ students______________$15.00
6   students______________$18.00
5   students______________$20.00
4   students______________$25.00
3   students______________$30.00
2   students______________$40.00
1   student_______________$75.00
Drop ins  for one class is  $20.00
Tell your friends so we get the most students in our class.
Time and Locations:
Tuesdays Afternoons

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Carolina Shores Clubhouse
17 Lakeview Court Carolina Shores, NC 28467This class deals with PAINTING AND CHALK PASTELS.
You may also work independently
>>>>>You need to contact me
 By email  or call 
8  to  8  >  910  612  4453  for me to meet you
In Calabash , as not easy to find first time.
Weds Morning Class   9  to  Noon

Please note this class is not available unless 7  students,
Owendon Plantation Clubhouse
This class is a  DRAWING and WASH Watercolor Class
Study of LINE, FORM, and VALUE.  The FACE,
Variety of drawing tools and papers explored.
You may also work independently, in Acrylic, Pastels, etc with my instruction as well
Thursday  Evenings 
6 to 9:00 PM and (6 to 8 ) PM for children discounted.)
Owendon Plantation Clubhouse
Study of LINE, FORM, and VALUE.
We explore Florals, Beach life etc.
You may also work independently, in Acrylic, Pastels, etc with my instruction as well
Classes start at $15.00 for 3 hours of Fine Art Instruction.

Classes can also be Taught at Your Location, 
See Menu>>>>
How to register:..
You must pre register by email in the CONTACT US  page
or email
If I get at least 7 pre registered I will hold the class at the best rate.  If less than 7 the price will be a little higher, but you will note the prices are still very low.
I will let you know how many registered for the month, before I seal the class.  
You can be a "drop in" at any of the classes as long as you are signed up for one month at one of the locations ..If not signed up for the month Drops Ins  are $20.00 for one  3 hour class. 
Missed classes due to company or illness ie..  have to be made up THAT CURRENT MONTH at one of the OTHER LOCATIONS or loose them.
 (Your company is invited to come to watch and or pay for a class and participate. I find many enjoy that.)
Children are welcome and receive the same instruction with wonderful results
Children 3rd grade and under need one paying adult in the class per 1 or2 children. 2 different parents can take turns paints the other babysits with younger children at home and switch the next week ...that way parents can get some class time in.
In any of the classes there may be instruction of a variety of drawing and painting tools, including assorted pencils, working into wash, and watercolor ,wax ,printmaking, life drawing, pastels, collage, crafts, then oil and /or acrylic..Many additives will be added, thus if student chooses can stay with mixed media...these extra mixed media supplies, will be free at the beginning of each class demonstration.  Student may work in  oil/acrylic painting/drawing etc., and  supplies the supplies on own in media of choice. 
Taught is a  a STEP BY STEP METHOD....anyone can paint or draw. For advance students, you may work on own, and I will instruct you individually.  Weather permitting outdoor, on locations ie Marina or Beach trips may be an option, with picnics.
See guest artists Speakers and Demonstrators.
First class will be in drawing and will be supply furnished...a supply list will be available for the students for future purchase what is needed.
Remember Painting is drawing with a brush. If you have paint supplies you may want to do the PAINT ALONG painting. Instructor will be doing DRAW ALONG, and PAINT ALONG Projects, ( click Art in Progress to the right to see how the PAINT AND DRAW ALONGS progress)  >>>>>>>>>>>>> 
Class photos to share:
Click on Photos to enlarge.
A happy student
Shallotte Classroom
Calabash Art Class
Calabash Paint Along  
At: Shallotte and Calabash, NC
Shallotte Locations :
Owendon Plantation Clubhouse
Calabash Location: Carolina Shores Clubhouse below
Maureen on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 7:46 PM
Hi classmates! Boy, I already miss being in class with so many talented, friendly friends. I love the new things added to our site. What a blessing it is to have such a talented teacher. I can see how much everyone is progressing with the direction of Lola. I feel honored to be able to continue to study under her direction.
Ani on Thursday, September 27, 2012 4:00 PM
Hi Mrs lola I love the site
 Janie McLellan in April ,Thanks Lola for all that you do for your students. We love Lola!!!!
Diane Morrow You are an amazing teacher, artist and person. Love all you send on facebook - it is an inspiration. We are going to Myrtle Beach for 4 months this winter. Will register to take some of your wonderful teachings - somehow. Brian said this week, "You will have to take some of her classes". I encourage you for the more in all you do. Blessings Diane
Maureen Williams June 2013:
I have seen the art work at the Red House. WOW! It really looks great. I sent some friends and family the email of the art. They put it on facebook. Our art work is getting exposure all over the world. We are so lucky to have a teacher who stays on top of things. Thanks Lola.
For more details go to CONTACT US  in MENU on Right   >>>>>>>>
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