Lola  Art Classes at the Beach -
GIRL IN HAT  11  x  14  Watercolor" ART



I will start   in Feb to offer you classes every other week, thus 2 classes a month..  That way you will have time to travel, play golf, etc, etc, etc... 
There will be no make up dates. Use them or loose them, or pay $25 as a " walk in. " If it has at least 4 in the class already. *
Classes will be $20 per class, for 3 hours.  Door will be closed at 9:05
On Weds, or Friday >> Hobby Lobby.N Myrtle Beach, SC
1:05 in >> Shallotte, NC
Please enter quietly, and take a place at one of the tables with  2 people per table. You have 5 minutes to set up, as I want to start class with no talking or disturbance to me or your fellow students.
If you buy 2 classes your card would be $ 40.00 
If you also want to do a different class too  >>> Pay another $40.  That would be 4 prepaid class in that month.  2 classes for one, and 2 classes for the other.. They will be color coded per each 2 classes on your card.. No you can not switch them Around., as I need a minimum of 4 in a class or it will be canceled. * see details below.
I need you to commit to the 2 separate classes, and not sub them. So 2 of your spots on your card will be color coded one color. 2 more in another color, if you want 4 classes a month.. 2 different days. 2 different colors, on one card.   *The last class of the month, you buy a card for the next month, or you will pay $25 as walk in.. 
Pay attention to your Calendar...mark that day so you have the exact $ or Check ready. I don't carry change, or have a Credit Card Machine.  Thank you for understanding. So if not the required 4 people, that class is cancelled.   Thank you for those that helped me formulate these new classes and hours. I try to satisfy you all.  
I request you check your class status 1 1/2 hours on your email before the start of your class in case I am sick, or an emergency and I can't come. No you can not come without me.   See you in class,


Now how much do supplies cost for month classes provided by you? See MENU here >>>> ART SUPPLIES menu at right.>>>>>>.
I would say $30 could get you started.
Class times and locations:
1 CLASS  FREE TO NEW STUDENTS  on MONTH PASS(not PAINT PARTIES or Children) in all classes.

Tuesday Afternoons 1  to  4 PM 
Owendon Plantation Clubhouse

Wednesdays   9 :00 AM  to Noon. ( Go out to  Lunch after option.)
HOBBY LOBBY1430 US Hwy 17  North N.Myrtle Beach, SC  
Thursdays 6  to  9 PM 

Owendon Plantation Clubhouse

Fridays   9 :00 AM  to Noon( Go out to  Lunch after option.)

HOBBY LOBBY1430 US Hwy 17  North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Drop in for the 3 hour ART CLASSES ( not the Paint Along Parties) is $25 with your own supplies.

I also hold my PAINT ALONG PARTIES during times above.
The FREE INTRO class is for people that have or are signing up for MONTH ART for the first time.  Get a Free class also if you introduce a new Month Card Student.
Each class is 3 hours, and the first one is free, to new students.( it covers how to mix Colors, Form, Composition, Lay Out, Brush Use, etc...things you need to know before you are on your way to becoming an artist ( Beginner and Advance), and then in your other classes, you will become an artist that you can work on own with individual instruction in Class. If you already know these subjects, you can jump right into my art classes, and skip the Free class.

In all SIGNED UP classes we will review basic drawing using LINE, FORM, COMPOSITION, AND VALUE SHADING, FACE Portraits and FIGURE. These simple principles will aid you in painting. Assorted media will be explored : Ink, Charcoal, Pencil, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Oil Pastel ..  Crafts may be included, as requested.
Students may choose the medium of choice. Oil takes longer to dry, thus you may want to switch to Acrylic so can keep up with our class pace, or I can help you individually.
I teach beginners to advance.  You may choose to visit any area as a Drop in $25 .

Classes can also be Taught at Your Location. 6 minimum.
You may  by email in the CONTACT Register for Classes: To email to

Your first class will be an INTRO CLASS, with all the supplies furnished.  You will study LINE FORM AND VALUES, which are important before you paint etc.  I try to vary the INTRO CLASSES.  Others in the class will be working on other projects. At this class we will discuss art supplies needed to supplement what you may already have.



Tell your friends so we get the most students
in our class.
or email   
Children are welcome to sign and receive the same instruction with wonderful results.
Children 3rd grade and under need one paying adult in the class per 1 or2 children. 2 different parents can take turns paints the other babysits with younger children at home and switch the next week ...that way parents can get some class time in.
In any of the classes there may be instruction of a variety of drawing and painting tools, including assorted pencils, working into wash, and watercolor ,wax ,printmaking, life drawing, oil pastels, collage, crafts,   oil ,  acrylic. Many additives will be added, thus if student chooses can stay with mixed media...these extra mixed media supplies, will be free at the beginning of each class demonstration.  Student may work in  oil/acrylic painting/drawing etc., and  supplies the supplies on own in media of choice. Let me know what you want to learn.
Taught is a   BY STEP METHOD....anyone can paint or draw. For advance students, you may work on own, and I will instruct you individually.  
Weather permitting outdoor, on locations ie Marina or Beach trips may be an option, with picnics.
See guest artists Speakers and Demonstrators
class will be in drawing and will be supply furnished...a supply list will be available for the students for future purchase what is needed.
Remember Painting is drawing with a brush. If you have paint supplies you may want to do the PAINT ALONG painting. Instructor will be doing DRAW ALONG, and PAINT ALONG Projects, ( click Art in Progress to the right to see how the PAINT AND DRAW  progress)  >>>>>>>>>>>>> 
Class photos to share:
Click on Photos to enlarge and
The group from one of the Painting PartiesA happy studentRobert, works on the portrait
Shallotte Classroom
Calabash Art Class
Calabash Paint Along  and Workshop 
The Hobby Lobby classroom
N. Myrtle Beach, SC
Plantation Clubhouse
Shallotte , NC
Shallotte Locations :
Plantation Clubhouse
Hobby Lobby
N. Myrtle Beach SC :

Maureen on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 7:46 PM
Hi classmates! Boy, I already miss being in class with so many talented, friendly friends. I love the new things added to our site. What a blessing it is to have such a talented teacher. I can see how much everyone is progressing with the direction of Lola. I feel honored to be able to continue to study under her direction.
Ani on Thursday, September 27, 4:00 PM
Hi Mrs I love the site
 Janie McLellan in April ,Thanks Lola for all that you do for your students. We love Lola!!!!
 You are an amazing teacher, and person. Love all you send on facebook - it is an inspiration. We are going to Myrtle Beach for 4 months this winter. Will register to take some of your wonderful teachings - somehow. Brian said this week, "You will have to take some of her classes". I encourage you for the more in all you do. Blessings Diane
Maureen Williams June 2013:
I have seen the art in the classes. WOW! It really looks great. I sent some friends and family the email of the art. They put it on facebook. Our art work is getting exposure all over the world. We are so lucky to have a teacher who stays on top of things.
For more details go to CONTACT US  in MENU on Right   >>>>>>>>