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Pictures planned for 2015FINE ART
  PAINT PARTIES with a FINE ART TWIST( Great Art Masters Inspired)
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at Your location or ours. At Lola Art Classes,  Fine Art Paint Parties , we feel ours are different from other Art Parties and Classes. 
No minimum of students, as the Party is held in our regular art classes.  So you can come by yourself if wish.
We, encourage our students to create Masterpieces "all their own", painting from what is an actual photograph or set up, as real artists do.
We want a more finished Fine Art piece of art. 
At Lola Art Classes, we teach to Draw and Paint what "you see".  All the tools and art instruction, will be there for you to put what "you see" on the canvas, at our Fine Art Painting Party Lessons.
Taught is a step by step lesson, of Composition, Form, and Values, Color Mixing, etc  all in the process, of how to really paint a painting. You will have an instructor there to paint along with you as you view the actual photograph or subject matter.  
Never underestimate your ability  to "Draw and Paint , what you see."  No experience is  needed, how to create beautiful original pieces of art . 
Taught are techniques as artists do. ..Painting from an actual photograph /or set up is important because you have the opportunity to see with your eyes the original object and translate it into your own art form with knowledge of real artist techniques. . 

You are capable of producing beautiful pieces of art even if yve never attempted it ,when the proper artist knowledge is taught .Try a FINE ART PARTY WITH A TWIST or Class , with Lola Art Classes and you will be impressed by what you can do! Every person can be an Artist!. So come e of Lola Art Classes ,Fine Art Painting Parties, or Fine Art Classes, and  Create an Original  Masterpiece of your own.. Fine Art Painting Parties are $35 with all supplies furnished. (Free to signed up Class students.)   Art classes are $15 for 3 classes in case you want to sign up for monthly classes.Testimonials
Maureen in  November. Hi classmates! Boy, I already miss being in class with so many talented, friendly friends. I love the new things added to our site. What a blessing it is to have such a talented teacher. I can see how much everyone is progressing with the direction of Lola. I feel honored to be able to continue to study under  her d
ril ,Thanks Lola for all that you do for your students. We love Lola!!!! 
Diane ,from Canada. You are an amazing teacher, artist and person. Love all you send on Facebook - it is an inspiration. We are going to Myrtle Beach for 4 months this winter. Will register to take some of your wonderful teachings - somehow. Brian said this week, "You will have to take some of her classes". I encourage you for the more in all you do. Blessings Diane 
Maureen June: I have seen the art work . WOW! It really looks great. I sent some friends and family the email of the art. They put it on Facebook. Our art work is getting exposure all over the world. We are so lucky to have a teacher who stays on top of things. Thanks Lola !
Check here to see some of previous Painting Party Pictures:
Our FINE ART Parties WITH A TWIST are held at:

HOBBY LOBBY1430 US Hwy 17North N.Myrtle Beach, Weds and Fridays  9  to Noon  AMand
Tuesdays  1  to  4  PMand Thursdays  6  to  9  PM
OR  contact us if want to have a Party at your location..  No charge except each pays  $35 and all supplies furnished !
To register and save your seat , go to
 indicate you are signing up for the FINE ART PAINT PARTY WITH A TWISTand date.
Paint a  16  x  20  MASTERPIECE  in 2 to 3 hours with your friends, for an occasion event like bridal parties,  birthdays, celebrations etc
For your Private Art Parties select the picture you want to paint from below, or bring us your idea ahead of time.
We have 2 selection groups >>>>>see in MENU>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
1. Modern  Group  >>>>>>>>>>>>
2. Masters Inspired  >>>>>>>>>>>
All supplies are included for only $35.00.
I also have an extensive Notebook at Hobby Lobby in the entrance for idea pictures, N Myrtle Beach, SC, or bring your own idea.
We will have a photo shoot at the end displaying our "Masterpieces"..I may be able to find a venue for us to exhibit the paintings.

PHOTOS  below of Past Parties:

Matisse inspired abstract
MARDI GRAS MASK  Painting Party.
MISTY FLORAL  Painting Party

You must RSVP to hold your space at the Painting Parties:
Call  910  612  4453 /
 to hold your spot.
*Click on Photos to see how they are done and additions. Great Fun !
 Cost is only $35.00 and all art supplies are furnished.  Size is 16  x  20. 
Other subjects for Painting Parties are:  Painting Tee Shirts and Clothing, Furniture, Old Window frames.etc .What kind of party
would you like to do?
Theresa enjoying the experience
At the REDHOUSE SPECIALTIES SHOP IN SHALLOTTEWe have fun at the parties and meet new friendsGeri and Sandy with their  DESERTED  ISLAND PALM
Patty proudly displays her painting she did in 2 hours, at THE PAINTING PARTY
Cheryl  and Sandy with their Sailboat Paintings from Painting Party, Jan 17 (after painting by Maynard Kaplhn )
We need 6 people to sign up to do a party...Why not tell your
What a great gift to give or receive.Come join us for a day or evening FINE ART PAINTING PARTY
Click on pictures to enlarge and see details:
Holly shows off her  SHELLS ON THE BEACH  done in 2.5 hoursWe will use Starry Starry Night by Van Gogh as our source picture.
Painted Furniture..can be lamps,waste baskets,trays, birdhouses, etc..Painting or Tee Shirt Design  Design your own..could be for an Occasion.
COLLAGE  glued papers in bright colors and mixed media , gloss finishWe will use SUNFLOWERS by Van Gogh as our source picturePAINTED BOAT  or Tee Shirt Design  Design your own..could be for an Occasion.
Let's Paint ABSTRACT..Let your IMAGINATION GO.  Great for home or office.We will use THE WAVE  by Hokusai for our source picture.
MAKE A HAPPY CRAB   can make in design and color of your choicefun shells at the beachPainting OR Painting windows Habitat for Humanity has old windows for just a few dollars..These can be hung on wall or infront of a window.
SKIPJACK Palette knife painting Great for Home or OfficeLets do FISH PRINTS...wide variety  of molds,,so you will do severalPainted flowers done in the  WET AND WILD methodMarsh Scene, all done with Palette knife..very fun to doWINTER ON THE POND done with  palette knife