Lola  Art Classes at the Beach -
Extended Art Lessons on Line.
These are one on one Private Lessons.
1 These will be done via email. Guides and templates will be mailed to get you started.
2 Cost is $35.00 per image.
3 You will be able to choose from a selection of Paintings each month.You may also present images of your own, depending on difficulty.
4  A step by step Templates will be sent as we go along. From 3  to 8, depending on progress and the image.
5 Materials you will need:
 Project variety material supplies will be suggested before the each Art project. ( some others may be suggested as to image. ) I will be able to suggest bare minimums.Note, these all will not be necessary.
Watercolor Pencils.
Oil Pastels. 
Carbon paper bought from art store made w Graphite.  Grey and white.  Watercolor tablet  11  x  15 or 14.
Smooth tablet of tag heavy smooth paper   11  x  15 or 14.
Erasers, white eraser and kneaded eraser ,
Pencil sharpener.
Cloth rags,
Container for water,
Palette to store and mix paint in.
Canvas Panels, or stretched, One may be needed.needed.
Blue tape
To sign up:
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Check enclosed amount ___________fill in amount and check number:________Picture Choice_______________
Ask about credit card use.

I desire :
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Current paintings offered: Click on Pictures below for details.

Picture ideas on left are easier and one time lesson..also see Pictures to Use, in Menu (at on right, towards bottom.

Ones on right are for those wishing on going lessons, In all you will learn to Draw and/or Paint..
Also can go to Menu at right at:
Great Masters inspired

SKIPJACK SAILBOAT    16  x  20  Acrylic.  Palette Knife use
RED OR PINK GERANIUM  16  x  20  Acrylic.                                             
SEA OATS  16  x  20 AcrylicANY COLOR CRAB  16  x  20  Acrylic                                          
2 DRAGONFLIES  any media


FLORAL BOUQUET  11 X  1`4  Water colorSHOREBIRDS  16  x  20  AcrylicSUNRISE on Ocean Isle Beach  Acrylic  16  x  20THREE SAILBOATS  acrylic  16  x  20   Canvas this is a video lesson.BUTTERFLY ON THISTLE  11   x  14  Dry and wet  WaterColor pencils