Lola  Art Classes at the Beach -
Here you will see us doing what we like best...ARTWORK and going on field trips.
Why not join us for fun and friendships?
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Jean works on making the Horizon line straight.

Lori Martin works on a PortraitKathy  H. Starts an ABSTRACTJoan Schuster, working on Flower Picture.
Sandy paints on her trayDiane is off to a good start in doing her watercolor of her flowerIda created her COLOR WHEEL, and can prove she can make any color out of Red, yellow, and Blue. 
Mommy and MeNathan painted with his grandfather...such a good time  TULIPS   Palette Knife
Sandy working on her Poppies Water colorJudy G checks that the  mat will fit
Fish PrintingDuring PRINTMAKING  WORKSHOPNathan, demonstrates how to steady his hand to make a straight line with a flat edge brush..good job Nathan.
Janie drawing portrait in Drawing Class
Chris paints on her Beach Scene
Denise, drawing Portrait in Drawing Class
Dann working on composition of his Painting, in Class
during drawing classTHE TURTLE  Art Painting PartyMODEL  during a life Drawing WorkshopDRAWING CLASSLola's cat inspecting painting
Lori works on a pet portrait in the Morning Class 
We Critique our paintings
Tuesday class, Dann talks about his painting
Joan painting at the outdoor painting class
Lori at the outdoor Art  class
Michelle painting at the outdoor painting class
Laraine painting at the outdoor painting classGroup Project, STARRY STARRY NIGHT BY  Van GoghClass working on each section of Vincent Van Goghs  STARRY STARRY NIGHT...see ending projectDann  working on his textured paintingBobbie painting at the outdoor painting classDann painting at the outdoor painting classPENCIL VALUE SHADING STUDY  by Grace 
Carol made a second connecting painting
Kathy talks about her Granddaughters award winning model of a room size sculpture of a giant room size tree.
Comparing skys , during Critique in Tuesday Calabash class
Eileen comes in for a closer look at Junes painting, during presentation.Sandy working on the July Paint Along in the Calabash Class
Alton learns about picture framing
Juanita in process of doing the CHILD PORTRAIT
Kathy explains an art process to the Tuesday Art Class.
Robert in process of doing his BOATS  painting in Acrylic
Bella and Alton busy the first day of the BEACH Paint Along.
For a break we went for a stroll to the boardwalk at VEREEN GARDENS..a really beautiful day.
Eileen works on her row of buildings, in oilLori uses charcoal pencils for doing the LIVE OAKS AT VEREEN GARDENS.Alton gets his fence on.Lori in stage one of her SEA OATS AT SUNSET   AcrylicGroup Critique from Tuesday Calabash classWhat a great start for Carla in the Monday AM  classGail has a great start on her Marsh sceneCarla and Charlie, discuss their paintings in Monday Morning Class.
Sandy got started right away on her view at the VEREEN GARDENS ART WORKSHOP
Lana checks her view during the WORKSHOP
Annette found a perfect spot to use her watercolor pencils
Hey Lans, are you drawing the Perspective of the boardwalk ? ...during the MARINA WORKSHOP..great day !
Alton showing his latest creation PALM acrylic by the way he sold it on Facebook !
Lana working on her COUNTRY ROAD  Paint Along Painting
Kathy paints during the Instructor PAINT ALONG Calabash Tue  1  to  4  class
Bob working on the Palm Trees
Joan T works on her Indian scene at our display at THE CRAFT SHOW
Charlie AM  Monday Shallotte class, works on his still life.
Lori uses rubber glove doing her Pastel  STILL LIFE in  Shallotte AM Class
Some students in the Saturday Morning Class
Melony with her finished MARSH WITH EGRET
People still ask me about THE ART CAR...Painted by my past school students. A 1972 Maverick.  I sold it to a high school student in Wallace NC.
See complete resoration  in DEMOS>>>>>
Alton starting MARSH SUNSET Acrylic 16  x  20
Barbara doing detail
Sandy doing her Palette Knife Painting
Markessa uses her hands to smooth sand effect.( she is doing this all by herself)See more photos in the Progress Page in menu >>>>>>
Lori doing picture framing
Sandy having fun with Palette Knife painting
Barbara tapes her watercolor paper down
Painting the Palette Knife Marsh Painting during the Paint Along
Viewing the watercolors of Jean Rundle, guest speaker.
Marge working on her Egret Acrylic
Progress of GREEN HERON by Marge  12  x  16  Acrylic
Calabash class INK WASH
Experimenting with  INK WASH
Marlene tries Ink Wash
Carol composed and got this far in just one class.
Annette painting on her canvas UNDERWATER  scene  16  x  20
Lori's progress so far on SUNFLOWERS after Matisse  Paint Along.
Lori.. makes great progress in one day, on her SUNFLOWER Acrylic Painting
Class doing a Paint AlongMountain Scenes, by Sue and Vic
Debbie hanging her art for the ShowSUNFLOWERS after Matisse  Janie, Barbara, Jane results after the Paint Along.
Weds Eve Class shows Paintings in Progreaa Left Maureen, Ani, Joan, and Alton in front.
Joan displays her large WIND  Painting  still in Progress
Beginner ClassBack row, Annette,Marge,Marlene, Front row, Lana,Joan,Patty..Art in Process.
Dann demonstracing painting skills at outdoor festival
Gordon and his SEASCAPE
Monday AM Class
Jane starting her SUNFLOWERS Painting
Dann accepts critique from visitorGordon working on an Ocean scene during the Paint Along
Dann at his easel..Dann is creative in most media
Barbara starting a canvas painting during a Paint Along
Marge creating a small piece for our contest
Liz mixing colors
Joan T. rendering a drawing before adding color.
Kathy with her Garden Paint Along
Marlene and Joan cutting up
Marlene, Joan and Frances  who is concentrating on detailLori starting a Street Scene
Lunch at COLLECTORS GALLERY Myrtle Beach. SC .Art on Walls,  Ceiling,  and Floors...a must see
Wall art at Collector Cafe, Myrtle Beach, SC
Lana showing chalk use for laying out her Garden Paint AlongField trip Wall art at Collector Cafe, Myrtle Beach, SC
Art Class at our Shallotte, NC locationField trip Wall art at Collector Cafe, Myrtle Beach, SC
Ani sells her first painting titled  THE ROSE  AcrylicOutdoor Drawing classField trip Wall art at Collector Cafe, Myrtle Beach, SCA Birthday Celebration
Field trip Wall art at Collector Cafe, Myrtle Beach, SCOne of our young students
Vicki showing her Framed Garden Paint AlongField trip Wall art at Collector Cafe, Myrtle Beach, SC
Dinner out and field trip Myrtle Beach, SC
Marleen starting new paintingEllie working on the  MARSH SCENEOur Calabash NC  LocationWhen you are an art teacher you have to have a 1972 Painted Maverick..Starry Starry NightCritique on Perspective
Great IRISES  Marlene
Dann painting on Wood Plank