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Female Head or La Scapigliata , by DaVinci
Female Head or La Scapigliata , by DaVinci 
Another Page had to be added, with so many wonderful art projects added everyday....ENJOY
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FLOWERS BY  DEB PERKINS Acrylic  16  x  20
Stilllife inspiration of Matisse  16  x  20  Acrylic
PORTRAIT  by Lori Martin  11  x  14  Graphite and white color pencil
MISTY FLORAL  by Carla Gregory  Acrylic  11  x  14
TURTLE  by  Kathy Smith, Acrylis and Tissue Paper  16  x  20
Boy and Girl at Beach,  By  Paula Granger  Soft Pastel, and color pencil  11  x  14
YELLOW TULIPS  by Linda Stephens  16  x  20 Palette Knife  Acrylic
PEACHES AND PEARS inspired by Cezanne, by Judie Daniels  Pastels  11  x  14
VAN GOGHS MULBERRY TREE by Alton Rice  11  x  14  Acrylic 
PANSEY BOUQUET by Linda Stephns,  watercolor  11  x  14
THE POPPY  by  Linda Stephens  11x  14  Watercolor
DESIGN by Carla Gregory  Markers
FLOWER GARDEN by Kay Pikos  16  x  20  Acrylic
TRESS IN SUNSET Watercolor by Joyce Oindorff
PANSIE  BOUQUET  by Judie Daniels  11  x  14  to mat out to  16  x  20  watercolor
CARDINAL  by Sandy C.  16  x  20  Acrylic
SEA TURTLE  by Chris  16  x  20  Acrylic
Inspired by Van Gogh  IRISES, 16  X  20  By cHRIS  Acrylic
Excellent Value and Form Studies  by Diane,  8  x  10  Graphite pencil
Happy Blue Crab  by  Melony  16  x  20  Acrylic
BLK CAPPED CHICADEEA  8  X  10  BY Marge  Acrylic
KINDERED SPIRIR MAILBOX  by Kay, Acrylic  16  x  20
MISTY FLORAL  by Bonnie  Acrylic  16  x  20
YELLOW FLORAL STIL LIFE  acrylic  by Bonnie  22  x  24  acrylic
BIRD  by Marge  Acrylic
Portrait  by Lori  Pastels
TULIPS BY Marshall  16  x  20  Acrylic  Palette knife
Yellow flowers, by Angelia Acrylic
THE BARN Acrylic  by Annette
TABLE TOP  by Joan  Acrylic
REFLECTING EGRET  my Melony  Acrylic
INDIAN DANCER  Acrylic by Alton  16  x  20
LONE PALM   Acrylic by Melony
WATER COLOR  by Crystel   11  x  14  Acrylic
THE STARFISH Acrylic  8  x  10 by Alton
BREEZY PALMS  by Melony Acrylic
Island Palms by Melony  16  x  20 Acrylic
Lighthouse  BY Marge  Acrylic
BOATS  by Robert Acrylic
Palms   by Carla  Acrylic
BEACH SUNSET  by June  11  x  14  acrylic
The Beach Fence  By Joseph age 6 Acrylic
SEA OATS SUNSET  BY Sandy  AcrylicTHE BEACH FENCE  by Michelle  AcrylicCOUNTRY ROAD  by Michelle Acrylic from Paint Along
SEA OATS  AT SUBSET by  MalonySCENE FROM VEREEN GARDENS  by Michelle out door painting class Acrylic
LIGHT HOUSE AND SEA OATS by Michelle Acrylic
OLD GLORY AND YELLOW ROSES by Sandy, while at the MYRTLE BEACH YACHT CLUB workshop Acrylic
LIVE OAK TREE  by Sandy, while at outdoor painting class at VEREEN GARDENS..Acrylic.
PALMS  by 3rd grader Alton  , his latest creation
Face Study by Juanita  pencil  Calabash class
The Marsh bt Sandy,  Acrylic
KITTY IN TREE by Lori   Pastel
PORTRAIT OF CHILD  by Betty  Pencil
STILL LIFE  by Janie M  11  x  14  acrylic
METAL PAIL in pencil by Michelle Calabash  1  to  4  PM
THE MARSH WITH EGRET  by  Melony Acrylic  16  x  29
AT THE BEACH by Dan S  Acrylic
RED FLOWERS IN RED VASE by Anette, Acrylic and Palette KnifeTHE MARSH by Jane Lee AcrylicLET'S GO by Dan S  Acrylic
THE BLUE VASE,  by Lana  Acrylic and Palette KnifeSAILING  by Alton ( 3rd Grade) Acrylic  16  x  20
THE MARSH  by Barb B  AcrylicCongratulations to Vicki Neilon for winning Honorable Mention, at the FRANKLIN  GALLERY in Southpot, NC, a Watercolor titled
THE MARSH by Janie  AcrylicTropical Landscape by Marlene acrylic
First Face  by Betty pencil
irises with Buttergly  by Bonnie
ZEBRA DESIGN  by Kim  Ink Wash
HUMMINGBIRD, by Kay  Ink Wash
DESSERT SCENE by Marge  Acrylic
BUTTERFLY   by  Joan T  Ink Wash  
TREE FROG  by Alton  Ink Wash
PELICANS  by Marge Acrylic
FLUTE PLAYER  by Kay  11  x  14  Acrylic
LIGHT HOUSE  BY  Frances  16  x  20  Acrylic
PELICAN  by Maureen  Acrylic  16  x  20
MARSH SCENE  by Frances  Acrylic
3 BOATS  by Kathy  Acrylic
TUG BOAT ON ICW  by Marge Acrylic
FRIENDS  by Nancy  Acrylic
SAILBOATS  by  frances  Acrylic
STARFISH by Kay  Acrylic
ISLAND PALMS by Theresa, Acrylic  16  x  20TOBACCO BARN by Lori  16  x  20  AcrylicSUNSET SEA OATS by Lynn  AcrylicSUNSET SEA OATS  by  Rebecca  AcrylicTHE COUNTRY ROAD  by Kathy  16  x  20  AcrylicFENCE ON DUNES by Bella  Acrylic  child artistNEW ENGLAND  by Annette, AcrylicSKY  by  Kathy  AxrylicSUNFLOWERS  by Kay  Wet on Wet AcrylicBy the Light  by Carol  AcrylicPEARS WITH FIG  by Kathy, PastelsGREEN HERON  by Marge  AcrylicEGRET  by Marge  AcrylicAFTER MONET  by Lana  AcrylicTHE BLUE VASE   Speed Painting Acrylic by Kat Palette knifeThe BLUEBIRD by Marge, AcrylicSUNFLOWERS AFTER MATISSE  by Bonnie  AcrylicON THE FERRY  by Bonnie 8  x  10  AcrylicTHE MARSH  By Joan T.  AcrylicMARSH by 3rd grader Alton  AcrylicRUBY THROATED HUMMINGBIRD by Kay  Watercolor3 SAIL BOATS MOORED  by Lana  AcrylicSAILING by Patty, 16  x  20  AcrylicMagazine Scratch by KaySEA TURTLE byy Vicki  AcrylicREVENGE OF THE CABANNAS  by Vicki, AcrylicSEASCAPE BY Markessa (child  artist)  Acrylic  See her progress on Progress page in menus>>>>>BIG CAT detail by Lori,  PastelBIG CAT  by Lori,  PastelTwo part  diptych painting  Acrylic  by CarolLINED UP BOATS  by Jane Lee  AxrylicOCEAN ISLE BEACH  by Janie  AcrylicWAITING FOR THE CATCH  by Jane Lee Oil  Independant studyWINTER SCENE BACK HOME by Carol  AcrylicEGRET LOOKING FOR THE FISH by Marge, 12  x  16  AcrylicMarsh with Egret  by Sandy Acrylic  16  x  20THE GREEN DOOR  Acrylic used as Watercolor on 140# paper by  Gary PAUTUMN TREES  Acrylic used as Watercolor on 140 # Paper by Gary PSKIPJACK SAILBOAT  by Sandy  Acrylic Palette knife use.(after painting by Maynard Kaplhn )OPEN DOOR  Acrylic  bt AnnetteUNDERWATER BEAUTY  by Annette, Acrylic 16  x  20LADY LIBERTY  by Dan Acrylic Independant studyGEESE   by Dan Independant study, AcrylicSHED IN THE WOODS 16  x  20  by Carol  AcrylicOUT WEST by Dan  Acrylic Independant StudySTREET SCENE  by, Marlene Acrylic  16  x  20