Lola  Art Classes at the Beach -
SOUTHERN CHARM  22  x  24  by Joan Schuster  AcrylicSEPTEMBER  by  diane Mitchell  12  x  12  Acrylic
LEAF PATTERNS by Susie Haloway  16  x  20 AcrylicREFKECTIONS  by Diane Mitchell  11  x  14  AcrylicPURPLE LANDSCAPE, BY  Paula Grainger  Acrylic Palette Knife
MOTHER AND BABY  12  x  16  Acrylic by Diane Mitchell soldMISTY FLORAL BY Shern Warren 16  x  20  Acrylic
GARDEN POT OF FLOWERS by Sue Warren 16  x  20  AcrylicLIGHTHOUSE AND FENCE  by  Diane Mitchell Acrylic
CATS EYE  By Diane Mitchell  6  x  8  AcrylicYOUNG LADY PORTRAIT by Lori Martin.. color pencils, 11  x  14BEACH SWING  11  x  14  by Diane Mitchell  Acrylic11  x  14  UNDERWATER FISH OFF ISLAND  By Diane Mitchell  Acrylic
SEAOATS by Diane Mitchell  AcrylicSHOREBIRDS  2  Acrylic  by Diane MitchellGOOD DAY FOR A SAIL  BY Diane Mitchell  AcrylicLONE TREE  by Diane Mitchell  Acrylic on Black canvas
BOAT BIRD Acrylic by Nancy Looseneck 12  x  16
TULIPS by Diane Mitchell  acrylicHELLO LITTLE ONE   by Sandy Smith  AcrylicGREEN TURTLE   By Domenica Gennett Acrylic 16  x  20PELICAN  11  x  14  By  Debra Lofland  Acrylic  sold
Shades of Home,  by  Kathy Britt, Acrylic w Palette Knife  11x  14  $90.00
LOVEBIRDS, by Deb Perkins, with self painted frams  12  x  12BLUE VASE WITH  DAISIES  by Kathy Britt  16  x  20  Acrylic Palette Knife
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PALMS AT SUNSET  16  x  20  acrylic  by Margaret Truss

ANCHOR on Nautical chart by Susie Halloway  11  x  14
BEACH SCENE  by Marie Spivey  8  x  10  Acrylic

MOUNTAIN SCENE 16 x  20 by Marie Spivey  Acrylic
FRAMED SAILBOAT  by Diane Mitchell Acrylic  16  x  20

BAZINGA Boat at rest, by Diane Mitchell  11  x  14  acrylic
TWO PALMS IN SUNSET by Deb Perkins 20  x  24  ACRYLIC
COUNTRY ROAD  by Diane Mitchell  11  x  14  Acrylic
KOCOPELI  by Deb Perkins, 16  x  20  Acrylic
PALMS AT SUNSET  by Sara Pitts  16  x  20  acrylicPALM ON ISLAND  by Alice Wertzer  16  x  20  acrylicFLORAL BOUQUET by Paula Grainger palette knife acrylic  30  x  30

BUTTERFLY ON THISTLE  BY Margaret May, color pencils and wasl  11  x  14WHITE CIRCLE   by  Joan Schuster  22  x  28  Acrylic $300

A BOY AND HIS PAL  by Deb Perkins

Partial PORTRAIT, by Lori Martin  Color Pencils 11  x  14
STILL LIFE  by  Paula Grainger  Palette Knife  Acrylic

BLUE VASE AND FLOWERS by Barb Quick  16  x  20 Acrylic
DROGONFLIES AND BUTTERFLY by Deb Lofland  watercolor
MISTY FLORAL 16  X  20 Acrylic
CONE FLOWER  by Margaret May  weter coloe  11  x  15
plus postage.
SEA OATS by Margaret May  16  x  20  Acr ylic on black Canvas

DAISIES IN BLUE VASE by Diane Mitchell 16  x  20  Acrylic palette KnifeMISTY FLORAL by Margaret May  16  x  20  Acrylic