Lola  Art Classes at the Beach -
Self-Portrait with Beret and Turned-Up Collar by Rembrandt
SHORE BIRDS by Deb Perkins  16  x  20 Acrylic
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CHRISTMAS CARD by Joan Schuster Acrylic

THE SKY by Diane Mitchell  Acrylic  12  x  16

CHICKENS  by Deb Oerkins  Acrylic  16  x  20
STARRY STARRY NIGHT  by Patrice Pryor  Watercolor  11  x  15
HEAD OF YOUNG GIRL  by Lana Pike, Inspired by DaVinci,  Acrylic  16  x  20 Acrylic wash.
FISH Acrylic  16  x  20  by Kay Pinkos
AIRBUS  Acrylic  by Judy Ivy Grimes
REMBRANDT YELLOW ROSES  by Dolores  16  x  20  Acrylic
MARDI GRAS MASK   by  Kathy Britt, Acrylic w additives  16  x   20
WATER LILLY  by  Paula Granger  watercolor  11  x  14
THE STARFISH Acrylic by Joyce Oindorff  16  x 20
SPORTS SHOE Graphite pencil, by Linda Stephens
RED TULIPS by  Kathy Britt 16  x  20  Palette Knife Acrylic
HUMMINGBIRD by  Marge F.  14  x  18  Acrylic
+WATERCOLOR  FLOWER  11  x  14  by Deb P.
CARDINAL  16  x  20  Acrylic, by Deb P.
LONE PALM  by Melony  16  x  20  Acrylic
BEACH SCENE  by Mercer  11  x  14   Oil Pastel
MIST ON LAKE  by Mercer  Oil Pastel  11  x  13
mardi Gras Mask  by  Annette  11  x  14  Pastel
SUNSET    11  x  14  by Annette,  Pastel
STARFISH AND CORAL  Acrylic  16  x  29  by Johnny
STARFISH AND CORAL  Acrylic  16  x  29  by Hannah
STARFISH AND CORAL  Acrylic  16  x  29  by Nathan
CARDNIAL  by  Marge  5  x  10  Acrylic
3 SONGBIRDS  BY Marge  ea  8  x  10  Acrylic
Rose and Leaves, by Bonnie, watercolor and water color pencils
Excellent Value shading drawing by Ida  8  x  10  Graphite pencil
Happy Blue Crab by Alton  16  x  20  Acrylic
TREES IN SUNSET   by  Bonnie  Watercolor  11  x  14
STILL LIFE W LACE    by Bonnie  Acrylic  18  x  24
YELLOW FLOWER  by Bonnie  watercolor  8  x  10
PURPLE FLORAL  by Bonnie  Watercolor  8  x  10
OLD BOAT  by Bonnie  Watercolor  5  x  7
BIRD  by Marge  Acrylic  12  x  16
FLORAL  by Lori  Pastel  8  x  10
Pastel Still Life by Kay Pinkos
Portrait by Lori M   12  x  16  Pastel
TULIPS  by Nathan, Palette Knife  16  x  20  Acrylic
POPPYS  by Sandy S.  5  x  7  Watercolor
MEN FISHING WITH NETS  by Marge  12  x  16  Acrylic
FIELD OF FLOWERS  by Dann Acrylic  palette Knife  16  x  20
PORTRAIT  by Lori  graphite and white chalk11  x  14
Violet  by Sandy S  Independant study
MARTI GRAS MASK  bt Sandy S  Acrylic  16  x  20
FIELD OF FLOWERS  by  Sandy Smith  Acrylic  16  x  20
BIRD  by Johnny  Acrylic
LANDSCAPE INSPIRED BY MONET  by Melony  Palette Knife  16  x  20
HAND DRAWING  by  Janie  pencilFLORAL  by Marlene  Color pencil washVALUE DRAWINGS, BY Denise  PencilHAND  by Marlene  pencilHAND  by Judy Ivey Grimes pencil
THE HUMMINGBIRD  by  Jasmin  16  x  20  Acrylic
PORTRAIT by Lori  Charcoal
Drawings by Johnny and Monica
HUMMINGBIRD  by Marlene  14  x  18  acrylic
Bonnie's Dog, by Lori Acrylic
4 Part Landscape by Kim Isenhour Acrylic
4 part Landscape, by Melony Rice  Acrylic
4 part Landscape by Dann Ward   Mixed media
4 part Landscape by Nathan Isenhour Acrylic
4 Part Seascape Alton Rice  Acrylic
Sunrise on the Marsh  by Marleen  Acrylic
WATERLILLIES   by Melony  Acrylic
BIRD  Pastel Chalk Painting by Lori
ABSTRACT  by Lans  Acrylic  16  x  20
THE BEACH FENCE  by  Melony  16  x  20 Acrylic
CHRISTMAS CACTAS  Textured painting Acrylic  by Annette  16  x  20
THE MAPLE TREE   Acrylic  By  Dann  16  x  20  Textured Canvas
IRISES  by  Phyllis  after Van Gogh   Acrylic
Lori tries her hand at texturizing her canvas before painting. Acrylic .
Phyliss tries her hand at texturizing her canvas before painting. Acrylic
OLD WINDOW  acrylic  by Annette  16  x  20
THE WATER PUMP  Acrylic  by Annette  16  x  20
Tropical Buildings 11  by Lana  14  x  16  Acrylic
Tropical Buildings 1  by Lana  14  x  16  Acrylic
Textured Painting, YELLOW VASE  by Annette  16  x  20
BIRD DESIGNS by  Kay Pinkos  Acrylic on Canvas PaperTHREE OF A KIND  by Kay Pinkos  Acrylic on Canvas paperYoung Girl after DaVinci  by Lori Martin Pastels on brown wrapping paperKINDRED SPIRIT Mailbox  by Mary D.  16  x  20  AcrylicBALLERINA  pastel by Annette  11  x  14SUNSET  by  Pam B  11  x  14  PastelSUNSET    11  x  14  by Lori M  PastelPINK SUNFLOWERS  by  Trisha  10 yrs old  16  x  20  AcrylicSUNSET  by  Trisha  10 yrs old  AcrylicSUNSET   by Melony  Acrylic  16  x  29SUNSET BY Alton  10  yrs old 16  x  29  AcrylicSUNSET BY Molly  Acrylic  16  x  20SUNSET BY   Kate  6  yrs old  16  x  20  AcrylicMIST ON LAKE  by Lana  Watercolor  11  x  14PINK SUNFLOWER   Pastels  by Lori  11  x  14LIGHTHOUSE   by Robert  12  x  16  AcrylicSEA TURTLE   by Annette, 8  x  10  PastelLITTLE RIVER LIGHT   by  Donna  Acrylic  16  x  20LITTLE RIVER LIGHT  Acrylic  by  Trisha  Acrylic  16  x  20LITTLE RIVER LIGHT  by Johnny  Acrylic  16  x  20BALLERINA  by Lori  Pastels  11  x  14BALLERINA  16  x  20  Acrylic  by JohnnyFLAMINGO BY Annette  Pastel  11  x  14Ballerinna  By  Robert Beech   Acrylic  CUP OF DAISIES  Acrylic  by  DianeBallerina  by Trisha 16  x  20  AcrylicSTARFISH AND CORAL  Acrylic  16  x  29  by ChristianSTARFISH AND CORAL  Acrylic  16  x  29  by KimVALUE SHADING  drawings by TrishaLANDSCAPE INFLUENCED BU MONET  BY Chris, Palette knife Acrylic   16  X  20BEACH FENCING  by Johnny  16  x  20  AcrylicPalette Knife  inspired by Monet, by KayNIGHT TIME BRUSH  by Dann AcrylicBOAT IN PORT   Palette knife by Dann W  Acrylic  16  x  2-NATIVE SPIRITS  by Dann with collage Acrylic  16  x  20FISH PRINT  by Janie MSPOT  Fish Print with rice paper  by  Dann WPrint by Dann W  of FISHMONO PRINT by  Judy Ivey GrimesSCHOOL PF FISH  by Dan W  Potato PrintWorkshop Fish Print of a SPOT bu Judy GrimesMono Print Card, by Linda Hinson SURFBOARDS  by Nathan  Acrylic  16  x  20SURFBOARDS  by Kim  16  x  20  AcrylicSURFBOARDS  by Melony  16  x  20  AcrylicNATIVE THEME SURFBOARDS by Alton, 16  x  20  AcrylicPINK GERANIUMS, by Betty D  16  x  20  AcrylicBEACH SCENE  by Chris  14  x  14  AcrylicFORM AND VALUE SHADING  by Laura  pencilGERANIUMS  by Chris  16  x  20  AcrylicSUNFLOWERS  by  Kathy  chalk Pastelsportrait of young man  by  Lori  PencilGERANIUMS  Acrylic  by Kay Pinkos  16  x  20PUPPY  by Judy Ivey Grimes  White Chalk on Black Paper in Drawing ClassHANDS DRAWING, after MC Escher  by  Judy Ivey Grimes 14  x  14  approx, pencilTREE LANDSCAPE , PENCIL, all done upside down by  judy ivey GrimesENTERING Abstract Nude  Acrylic  by Dann WardSculptured painting with wood, and glass  by  Dann WardWarm Landscape  by Marlene  craypas on tone paper