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DOOR HANGER  for March, for her Mother  by  Diane Mitchell.
BLUE VASE WITH LILIES By Reba Dreming  11  x  15 Watercolor  $45
BAECH SCENE by Kay Pinkos, Mixed media and acrylic, sand, palette knife and added items.s
FLOWERS  by Diane Mitchell  Watercolor pencils and Markers
PURPLE LANDSCAPE  by Paula Grainger, 16  x  20  Acrylic with Palette Knife. Inspiratio from Monet.
NESTING GREAT BLUE HERONS  16  x  20  Acrylic  by MargeABSTRACT PALETTE KNIFE FLORAL by Paula Grainger  16  x  20  Acrylic   by Lori Martin  Water color Pencils  8  x  10THE LAKE  by Marge Friosloben  Acrylic  16  x  20OWL AND DRAGONFLY  by Diane Mitchell  11  x  14  AcrylicTHREE SAILBOATS  by Kay Pinkos  8  x  10  Acrylic with Palette KnifeSTREET SCENE 16  x  20  by Joan Schuster  Acrylic Price upon requestby Deb Lofland2 CLOWNS   by Deb Pekins acrylic 10  x  20  eachFAMILY  WALK ON TH BEACH  by Deb Perkins,  16  x  20  Acrylic  . Price upon requestTHERES ONE IN EVERY CROWD, by Deb Perkins acrylic  AcrylicPHEASANT  by Diane Mitchell  AcrylicBLUE VASE WITHLILIES b by Debra Lofland  watercolor and markerPALMS IN THE BREEZE  byDebra Lofland, watercolor and markers.ABSTRACT FLORAL  by  Debra Lofland  acrylicKOI FISH by Diane Mitchell  16  x  20  AcrylicPointsettia by Karen Rastocky watercolor pencil and watercolar  11  x  14COLORFUL PARROTS by Debora  Lofland  AcrylicCARDNIAL  By Sue Mays -Parks Acrylic  16  x  20COLOR WHEEL STUDY by Peggy Flood, Karen Kastocky, Cathy Landlum,, and janice Sapp2 colorful birds, color pencil, by Deb LoflandBIRDHOUSE Watercolor by Deb Lofland  8  x  10 BLUE VASE WITH LILIES  16  x  20  Acrylic by Diane MitchellPOPPIES FOR JOYCE Acrylic by Diane MitchellBABY WITH YELLOW SCARF by Lori Martin  11  x  14  Oil PastelsGIRL WITH HAT  by Lori Martin  11  x  14  Oil PastelsWOOD PECKERS. by Johnny Jackson, AcrylicWARF SCENE after TURNER, by Kathy Britt AcrylicWHARF AFTER MONET  by Deb Loftland, Watercolor on wet Mounted Rtce PaperSEAHORSE by Deb LoftlandJELLYFISH by Deb LoflandBIRD STUDY   by Diane Mitchell 11  x  14 AcrylicBIRD STUDY   by Diane Mitchell 11  x  14 AcrylicCHERRY STUDY  by Diane Mitchell  8  x  10  AcrylicBIRD  by Joan SchusterUNDERWATER SCENE   BY Deb Perkins  16  x  20  AcrylicPOPPIES  By Deb Perkins, Acrylic  8  x  10CONE FLOWERS  w BUTTERFLY , watercolor pencils by Debra LoftlandPORTRAIT  Oil Pastels by Lori Martin  11  x  14COLORFUL SHELLS  BY Mariah Jackson  16  x  20   AcrylicMISTY GERANIUM POT   by Mariah Jackson  16  x  20ABSTRACT SAILBOATS  Acrylic by Joan Schuster  16  x  20KINDRED SPIRIT MAILBOX By Donna Bouchine  16  x  20  AcrylicFLOWERS on Black canvas  by Paula Grainger oil pastelsFLOWERS on Black canvas  by Paula Grainger oil pastelsSHOREBIRDS  BY Deb Loftland  16  x  20  AcrylicGERAINIUM  FLORAL  BY Nelly  16  x  20FLORAL by Mercer Field  Oil GROUPER by Deb Parkins  AcrylicPORTRAIT   by Lori Martin  11  x  14  oil PastelsTURTLE  Acrylic  by Jean Post  8  x  10FLOWERS BY Paula Grainger  Oil PastelsMISTY FLORAL  by Paula Grainger AcrylicTEXTURED SAILBOAT by Deb Loftland  acrylicABSTRACT BOATS BY D EB   lOFTLAND AcrylicBEACH MESSAGE  by Jean Post  AcrylicOTTER  by Deb Perkins  Independant study2 HUMMINGBIRDS WITH FLOWERS by Deb Perkins lndependant studyTwo BIRD OF PARADISE BY Deb Perkins Independant studyBUDDY BOATS  by  Virginia Loester  Oil Pastel  11  x  14SILL LIFE Inspired my Matisse  by Patrice Prior  16  x  20  AcrylicBIRD OF PARADISE  by Paula Grainger  oil pastel  12  x  16  Black stretched canvas.COLORFULL SHELLS  W WHITE BORDER  by Reba  Drennan  16  x  20  AcrylicABSTRAT FLAMINGOS  BY  Debra Loftland  AcrylicSCHOOL OF FISH  by  Alton  Rice  Acrylic  11  x  14PORTRAIT OF CHILD by  Lori Martin  11  x  14  Oil PastelsRed Shell  by Christy Young  Acrylic 16  x  20Still Life by Paula  Grainger   Acrylic  16  x  20GREEN VASE Textured Canvas  16  x  20  Acrylic  by Johnny Jackson

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OCTOPUS ON NAUTICAL CHART   by Deb Perkins  Acrylic
SECEMBER DOOR HANGER  11  x  14  Diane Mitchell Acrylic
TROPICAL by Deb Perkins, 20  x  24  Acrylic
HARVEST by Dian Mitchell  12  x  12  Acrylic

OLD TRUCK by Deb Perkins  11  x  14  Acrylic

THE EGRET  11  x  14  acrylic  by Paula Grainger
DOOR HANGER  for March, for her Mother  by  Diane Mitchell.
PURPLE LANDSCAPE by Reba Dremming  16  x  20  Palette Knife Acrylic

SUPER ANT by Diane Mitchell Acrylic  11  x  14
ISLAND PALM  by Reba D  Watercolor  $45 unframed

WHITE KITTEN  by Deb Perkins  11  x  14

ANGRY BIRD IN THE BAHAMAS  by  Deb Perkins  11  x  14
CARDINAL  by  Cathy Landrum  16  x  20  Acrylic
GERAINIUMS  16  x  20  Acrylic by Don Spadoior
OWL   11  x  14  Acrylic by Diane Mitchell
BLUE VASE WITH LILLIES  Watercolor Pencils and Watercolor by Dianne Mitchell    Click on pictures to enlarge
IRIS by Diane Mitchell Color Pencils  8  x  10
CARRERA  by Deb Loftland  Acrylic
PRINCESS  Acrylic  by Deb Perkins
FLORAL LANDSCAPE  Acrylic  16  x  20  by Marge Friesleben
IT'S CHRISTMAS ,  11  x  14 Color pencil, and watercolor  by  Diane Mitchell
WATER SCENE  modeling paste with Acrylic over, by Kathy Britt
SWAYING PALMS by Deb Loftland
FLAMINGOS BY  Deb Loftland
BLUE BIRD by Lori Martin  oil pastels.  11  x  14
SEASCAPE  Acrylic by Diane Mitchell
BIRD  11  x  14  Watercolor  by Reba Dreming
CHILDREN AT BEACH  Great Master inspired  by  Deb Perkins.  11  x  14  Acrylic
COLORFUL BILL  by Deb Perkins   Acrylic
HORSE FACING RIGHT  12  x  12  by Deb Perkins  Acrylic
GREY HERON  By  Reba     Acrylic
HORSE FACING LEFT   by Deb Perkins  Acrylic  12  x  12
FLOWERS IN BLUE POT  by  Joan Schuster
TREE FROG by Joan Schuster
By Deb Perkins, Acrylic
ROOMS FOR RENT   by Deb Perkins, 16  x  20  Acrylic 
FLORAL GARDEN  bt Reba 1  x  14  Oil Pastel
FLYING OWL  16  x  20  by Deb Perkins  Acrylic
YOU TALKIN TO ME?  by Deb Perkins
MISTY FLORAL by Joan Schuster 16  x  20  Acrylic
SEA TURTLE  by Grace  16 x  20  Acrylic
MISTY FLORAL  by Mariah Jackson   Acrylic  16  x  20
PALM on stretched Burlap  by Alton Rice  Acrylic 11  x  14
FISH LIPS by Deb Loftland  Acrylic on Palm Pods.
LUNA MOTH by Deb Parkins
Floral  by Deb Parkins
MISTY FLORAL  16  x  20  by Deb Perkins  Acrylic
COLORFUL SPADE  6  x  10  Acrylic by Jean Post
3 SAILBOATS  BY Joan Schuster  Acrylic  16  x  20
Misty Floral  by Debra Loftland  Mixed nedia  11 x  14
Pansey Bouquet by Virginia Loester  11 x  14  Watercolor
3 SAILBOATS  by Deb Perkins  acrylic  16  x  20
TOUCAN  by  Johnny Jackson  16  x  20 Acrylic  on paper.
PARTY GIRL  By Deb Perkins  11  x  14  Acrylic
sunset landscape   by  Eli Phillips  16  x  20  Acrylic